by Jerk Store

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released April 20, 1969



all rights reserved


Jerk Store Vancouver, British Columbia

Rob: Guitar / Vocals
Mitch: Guitar / Vocals
Kieran: Bass
Mike: Drums


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Track Name: Wall
count my change and I'm out the door
living like shit is starting to get old
gonna make some life decisions
on the way to the liquor store
its a distant memory
back when I had OCD
but didn't dread the thought
of every passing day
I did not believe
that things could spin out of control
and life could get so miserable
never ending disappointment
Now I'm staring at a wall
Every thought i had is gone
And it's gonna get worse
But it comes and goes
Staring at a wall
Track Name: Achin'
You close your eyes and open
your mouth you're blind to the
shit that comes pouring out and
then you haphazardly form your
apologies based on what you think
they wanna hear I can't comprehend
how people like you climb the
ranks and I can't comprehend that
people like you hold the reins of this
machine I hope that you end up alone
I can't believe that you have friends
I want to knock you off your throne
I couldn't look you in the eye don't
want to catch your dumb disease
you probably believe that's how it
works I could never sleep knowing
you exist close to anything that
remotely matters I know you learned
nothing I hope they bury you and
you wind up working in a fucking
drive through because you're
fucking useless
Track Name: Nerves
it may be my nerves i'll
try to sleep it off but la-
tely every time we speak
my stomach turns in
knots i don't want to be
your only ears don't put
that weight on me i can't
recall how it used to be
now it's always what you're
gonna do and never what
you've done there's something
wrong when we both don't
answer the telephone and
play it off as nothing when we
cross paths at the bar
there's something missing
but you dont listen
i dont want you in the ground
but i dont want you around
Track Name: FTW
rode our bikes around
the park found a nice
spot on the rocks no
one else was on the
beach we sat and watched
the ships come in sunny
day no wind or rain
february extraordinary
gotta keep it short
drink these beers and
go to work
close my eyes forget
the world.............
i hope we can always
feel like this no
headaches except
in the morning but
that's our own fucking
doing here's to all the
simple things close
my eyes forget the world
Track Name: Waiting Room
i sat in the waiting room flipping
through the arid magazines that
lay around me get rich quick or
get a loan sell your house if you're
getting old free silver if you buy the
gold and then they disagree that
they built a industry on a tails i win
heads you lose mentality and we
do what we're told take the loans
and buy the gold and hold a grudge
to fill the void and i will never let it
go i sat in the waiting room flipping
through the arid magazines that
lay around me hours felt like days
the minutes dragged and then it
came to me
Track Name: Drain
do two wrongs make a right
does it ever make sense to
do the same thing over and
over if all the things that you
need are nowhere to be found
five years down the drain still
nothing to my name I finally
feel at home in this town i like
when the rain is coming down
but that makes it worse because
by now i should be doing
something meaningful and
worthwhile but sometimes when
i'm riding down a street and the
traffic lights are changing for me
i am hit with a wave of clarity and
the choices that i've made
momentarily don't bother me
because i have a good job
though i cant fucking stand it
i play in a band i breathe on my
own i drink all the time and the
funny thing is when i put it
together it doesn't seem that bad
i just got to remember to cross
things off my list and give a little
more and care a little less about
shit that doesn't matter